A timeline of my adventures in coding.


Instead of paying attention in my pre-calculus class, I created a choose-your-own-adventure game on my TI-83+.


I play around with HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver as I begin to develop and host my own webcomics online.


I get paid to design a family friend’s website. I use Dreamweaver mostly. The result is not very good.

2007 – 2014

I maintain various WordPress websites and portfolios, first for webcomics, then video as I start a career as a television producer.


I take a Product Management class at General Assembly and launch my first product, Connect A Book. I was tempted to learn how to code to figure out how, but in my rush to bring a product to market, I ended up hiring developers. This is a continued trend where I flirt with learning to code and then end up taking a shortcut to get to the finish line. This shortcut cost about $13,000.

January 2023

I do 25 days of Replit’s 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Course. I find out about no code and switch to playing around with Bubble.

February & March 2023

I enjoy learning through the tutorials of No Code MBA. As I’m considering a project, Bubble announces a change in their pricing. I pause and wonder how far down the no code road I want to go being dependent on that kind of platform (of course, there’s always some amount of dependency…).

June 2023

I take Ryan Kulp’s Fundamentals course.

August 2023

I’m accepted into Launch School and begin learning Ruby.

January 2024

With a big tourism development project on the horizon, I take a break from Launch School

April 2024

I take a short Udemy course on Python then put together Easy Packing List, a tool to help make packing for trips a little, well, easier.

May 2024

I design and launch Long Run Training, a resource with calculators, tools, and training plan generators for runners.

June 2024

I switch over to Launch School’s Javascript track.